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Lion Guides Safaris offers you a complete range of services, all the way from wildlife safaris in Tanzania’s national parks, conservation areas and game reserves, to cultural tourism and beach holidays. As a SPECIAL, we invite you to YOUR individual wildlife-safari. We offer the highest class of service on safaris all over the country. We also specialize in mountain climbing and trekking services to the highest peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru, Mt. Kenya, and Mt. Oldonyo Lengai. 

When you go on tour with us, you will collect memories of moments, you will never forget. Join the adventure of wildlife and travel in a country full of magic and beauty.

Those who dare to see the world from above are spoiled by choosing five different mountain-trekking routes, which differ not only in the number of days required but also in the level of difficulty. Get to know your limits, perhaps overcome them: you only can grow, if you leave your comfort zone.

Sie sehen den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht mehr?
Sie wissen nicht, wie Sie Ihr Anliegen einfach lösen können?

Wechseln Sie die Perspektive. Erlangen Sie Klarheit durch das Verlassen Ihrer vertrauten Umgebung. Begeben Sie sich auf ein herausforderndes Abenteuer ins faszinierende Afrika. Verbinden Sie sich mit den unglaublichen Naturwundern Tanzania´s, um Ihren Blickwinkel auf die Geschehnisse in Ihrem Leben zu verändern.

Bird watching in Tanzania, the slightly different safari, is characterized by the uniqueness of the environment. While you watch the colourful plumage and dances of the male birds, the various flight manoeuvres and the hunting habits of the birds, you have also the fantastic animal world on the African continent, such as lions, elephants, giraffes and zebras in front of the lens as a small side effect.

Tanzania, the land of natural wonders and wildlife paradise, welcomes you. The country has many things to see and do, such as national parks and game reserves, uncountable wildlife, 1,100 bird species, and a varied landscape.

Not only is the country rich in wildlife, but it also has some of the world’s most beautiful small beaches. Tanzania is also home to some of the world’s most spectacular volcanic peaks. Mount Kilimanjaro reigns supreme among them. The majestic peak is the world’s highest free-standing summit.

Clients Review

Reviews Animal Dynastie Safaris (former Company of Lukiano)


August 2021 from Jesicca B.

What made this trip awesome wasn’t just the fact that we were able to see all of the Big 5 but that our tourguide, Lukiano, was the best…..

August 2021 from R4885WQtomasa

Best Safari in Tanzania. Lukiano was really kind and nice, during the whole trip and also explained a lots of interesting things related to animals and national park history. Really helpful and safe driver.